The Cost of Doing It Right

09 December 2015
Mark Richtermeyer

Doing it right may be expensive but, in the long run, quality work pays for itself time and time again.

The Thin Line Between Marketing and IT

26 October 2015
Mark Richtermeyer

Budgetary power for technology purchases are happening more and more often within marketing departments.

Quality Matters

14 October 2015

Unit tests take too much time to write and are not necessary. Automated test infrastructure is costly to create and maintain. Or are they?

Why DevOps is NOT Just About Release Management

28 September 2015

DevOps, when done correctly, is more than just release management. It's a competitive advantage.

Why CIOs Have a Target on Their Backs

08 September 2015
Mark Richtermeyer
Why CIOs Have a Target on Their Backs

The average tenure of a CIO is three to five years. Here is some advice to avoid having a target on your back.