Blog Transformation and Integration Strategies: You Can't Have One Without the OtherIn today's complex technology world, most companies have hundreds of applications running critical business processes. But how do you make sure they integrate and "speak the same language?"2017-05-16T21:23:00Z235b1126-4e1f-41ec-914f-04dbab00afe8 Transformation: It's Now or NeverDigital transformation has been a buzzword for the past few years. It encompasses many things to many people. In its essence, it is the process of providing a digital experience for your customer in meaningful ways that result in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased revenues.2017-03-22T21:14:00Zf9f52728-41b0-4f32-ac52-06bd6db19647 in Software ArchitectureSoftware value can take many forms but the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to new business challenges separates “just so” software architecture from high-value software architecture.2017-02-14T23:24:00Z67dd9e54-171f-4812-bdd0-ccf2168c49ce Buzzkill: Enterprise ArchitectureThe Spitfire Group's primary service offering has always been to provide companies with a strategic roadmap for their technology that is aligned to the business strategy.2016-08-03T16:47:00Z071dc430-ca80-40d6-814e-17927ebf8432 Great Talent In A Tough MarketHiring is easy. Unless, of course, you want really great people. They are much harder to find.2016-07-06T22:04:00Z1dd68bd0-d099-4b0c-9d58-9068d18d24f6 First SolutionService first solution is the way to go when starting any kind of API development project. 2016-05-24T22:14:00Z0a9a5092-bd03-412e-ab35-1e0aec9abffc of the Microsoft Union: Should You Care?Microsoft has undergone dramatic changes over the past 2 years. The question is: should you care?2016-05-02T17:50:00Z0e2e048f-ae0d-4afe-a336-943faa08d2cd the Role of the CIOCIOs are not just technology experts. They need to be business experts.2016-03-26T19:12:00Z38301b63-9f8b-4271-b427-447988531472 5 Tips For Working With ConsultantsHere are 5 easy tips for getting the best out of your consultants.2016-02-25T18:47:00Zde2794bc-751f-40f4-8758-d16d33c8c055 in a New LightSalesforce is much more than a CRM system. It is a development platform.2016-01-19T23:21:00Zcb3016fd-cb3b-49fd-a1af-c1cdec3aac35 Cost of Doing It RightDoing it right may be expensive but, in the long run, quality work pays for itself time and time again.2015-12-09T17:42:00Zba50cc7b-b781-47a5-abea-f05dacc541a0 Thin Line Between Marketing and ITBudgetary power for technology purchases are happening more and more often within marketing departments. 2015-10-26T20:14:00Z12a8dcac-89df-4e04-9fa3-d228e05b9ea3 MattersUnit tests take too much time to write and are not necessary. Automated test infrastructure is costly to create and maintain. Or are they?2015-10-14T16:43:00Z8343282e-9717-47c2-a1cb-52a44b23964a DevOps is NOT Just About Release ManagementDevOps, when done correctly, is more than just release management. It's a competitive advantage.2015-09-28T17:27:00Zf12907cd-22d7-46d8-aa18-d96021932f94 CIOs Have a Target on Their BacksThe average tenure of a CIO is three to five years. Here is some advice to avoid having a target on your back.2015-09-08T07:45:00Z9eaf8eeb-e8d7-46bd-ae32-99f4dbc75b8c Conference Review and The Future of MicrosoftGlue Conference review plus how are recent changes to Visual Studio, .NET and ASP.NET 5 going to change the Microsoft development landscape?2015-08-25T19:00:00Z4d0b192a-bc98-47b5-a8e8-831534e01086 "All-In" ArchitectureIs it best to use an "all in" system or build using disparate systems?2015-08-10T20:43:00Z468d7b03-44f8-4767-862c-e6e0ed4f4959 ESB Option is Right for You?NServiceBus vs. Mule: an analysis.2015-07-02T17:27:00Zb419589a-f049-45a4-bd89-dac6fd29280a is a Force Multiplier? A force multiplier is anything that is added to the equation that helps a team perform as a multiple of their size.2015-03-19T15:15:00Z3676f28d-4688-4bfd-8fa7-04b70f376f76 Methodology and Your Tech ProjectWhat the heck is agile and how does it help you meet your business goals?2015-02-19T21:30:00Zaae5511b-8030-4be7-944e-e9ac5b25158d Step ApproachSpitfire's 5 step approach to every project.2015-01-15T18:27:00Zdecbb3ff-8ac0-4542-9cc5-5976287a672b Spitfire Works with YouWe've spent more than a decade working with clients. And we have a model for success.2014-12-18T21:46:00Z