Architecture Assessments

Legacy Technology Assessment

For the CIO who is new to an organization or for the CIO who is facing constraints imposed by legacy systems. Quickly discover what works, what doesn’t, what can stay and what needs to go to achieve your organizational goals.

The Legacy Technology Assessment provides:

  • An inventory of overall enterprise-level technology and how well it meets the business’ objectives, with an emphasis on technology transition.
  • Recommended future enterprise architecture, implementation roadmap and high level cost estimates
  • A phased transition plan for legacy applications, frameworks, infrastructure that aligns with the business’ strategy and objectives
  • Strategic engagement, targeted at the executive level

Time frame: 4-8 weeks

Digital Transformation Assessment

For the pragmatic CTO, CIO or CMO who is faced with the challenge of transforming their company into a digital-first organization. Based on business needs, the digital transformation assessment discovers what technologies are needed, what they will cost and how they can integrate within existing platforms.

The Digital Transformation Assessment provides:

  • An assessment of the existing SMACT (social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT) platform
  • Gap analysis matched to SMACT best practices
  • Highly customized to the customer’s business strategies and goals

Time frame: 4-8 weeks

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