Technology Leadership Practice

IT departments are often the center of most activities within an organization: product development, execution, customer satisfaction, marketing, compliance and security. And the IT departments are often staffed with highly skilled specialists that bring their individual expertise to the team. Often, it’s not the skill of the team that holds back organizations but how the team works together.

The Spitfire Group’s Technology Leadership Practice takes more than 50 combined years of experience in technology management and provides technology leaders with the exact training customized to fill in any performance gaps and create high performing technology teams.

What You Get:

  • Professionally Managed Technology Organization:  enable the technology department to become a professional managed department
  • Competency Upgrade:  technology specialists will know they changed competency, not just completed a checklist
  • Empowered Teams: customized paths are created that meets the team needs and provides support at the desired level, depth, format and timing of services
  • Big Picture:  enables technology specialists to see the big picture and gain an understanding of how their department and efforts contribute to that big picture
  • Credibility:  increases the credibility of the technology department and increases confidence in their abilities among the rest of the organization
  • Adds Value: adds value and is so simple so it is frequently used and accessed and allows insight into current status (dashboard)
  • Encourage Use & Community:  Our client feels supported and wants to tap into our consultants and or other resources.  We want to make this part of their workweek
  • Reporting and Data: provide the ability to see individual progress as well as aggregate progress at the team levels as well as benchmarking against industry best practices

Customized for every engagement, the technology leadership practice typically offers the following suite of services:

  • Setting and Executing the Strategic Direction of the Technology Group
  • Increasing and Establishing Business Acumen
  • Adopting Effective Communication and Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Making and Managing Decisions
  • Developing and Inspiring People
  • Creating Accountability - setting your controls and structures
  • Understanding Innovative Cultures - using technology to solve business problems
  • Managing Change

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